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In this one minute video I will quickly show you my stats of a fresh account that I have created on You will see that my profile got more than 1000 interests in one month and mails from almost 500 genuine filipinas. My target group have been girls in the agerange from 18 to 19. Imagine running this kind of game on even more philippine women. On this little site I will guide you through all the steps I have taken and the experiences that I have gained. Good luck!


This blog is representing my experiences with the online dating site All the advise is based on what worked best for me and on countless discussions with filipinas when I asked them about their experience with men on this site. This is not a general pickup blog for the streets of the Philippines. If you don’t have an account yet then you can create one here.

The essentials


Learn more about the basic strategies, toys you’ll need and your first approach.

1. Account Sign Up

Click here for the first step of this guide. You will learn about the 5 easy steps to create a profile that will attract 1000 filipinas in just one month.

2. Things You’ll Need

A list of equipment and apps which will give you the best webcam chat experience possible. You will achieve a videochat quality you have never seen before.

3. First Contact

Online dating a filipina can be a tough battle. With this easy steps you will master the first contact on filipinocupid and will get her to add you on skype.

The Finale


It’s time to get what you came for. Plan your final steps.

4. Skype Chat

Learn how online dating works with philippine women. Filipinas love webcam chats with skype. Master the essential approach of flirting with her.

5. Visit Her

If you want to visit the Philippines this guide will help you to find the best travel routes and the cheapest airlines, hotel rooms and apartments.

6. Filipina Wife

How to find a potential filipina wife and get her a visa for your country can be a little bit tricky. This guide will help you and your loved one.

More Ressources


If you want more Filipinocupid advice then you can find it here

a) Profile Headers

A special guide about Online Dating Profile Headers that attract attention. Learn some easy tricks on crafting a great headline for your profile.

b) Daily Routine

The only 5 steps which you have to take after each Filipinocupid login. Become brutally efficient in the way that you handle your daily dating game!

c) Filipinocupid Scams

I added a whole section about the often asked question “How do I detect scams on filipinocupid?”. After you read this post you won’t be fooled by anyone.

d) Switch Off Profile

After you have found what you where looking for you might want to switch off your account. The option is a little hidden so this instruction will show you how to do it.

e) Philippine Airports

You will have to visit the philippines by air when visiting your filipina girlfriend. Learn about the basics of the philippine airport system.

f) Filipina dating

Helpful information for the time after Filipinocupid. Take her out to town and get to know her parents to deepen your relationship.